The results of the election of the chairmen of the Student Councils of LNTU

The results of the election of the chairmen of the Student Councils of LNTU 

The election of the chairmen of the Student Councils  at faculties in Lutsk NTU was held on April, 9. On that day, 66% of students chose the candidates who is considered the most worthy to head the faculty student councils.

In total, 66% of students took part in the voting.

The final results are:

- Rudenko Anastasia (Faculty of Transport and Mechanical Engineering)

- Yulia Korzhik (Faculty of Customs, Materials and Technologies)

- Yulia Shumyk (Faculty of Business and Law)

- Boyarchuk Kateryna (Faculty of Architecture, Constructin and Design)

- Pashchuk Olena (Faculty of Digital, Educationaland Social Technologies)

- Ivan Sonich (Faculty of Agricultural Technologies and Environmental Studies)

- Marchevska Marina (Faculty of Computer and Information