Rules for admission to Lutsk NTU for foreigners and stateles persons

Excerpt from the Rules for Admission to Lutsk NTU in 2016


Section  XVII. Lutsk NTU admission particularities for foreigners and stateless persons


17.1 Training of foreigners and stateless persons is provided in accordance with the Laws of Ukraine "On Higher Education", "On Legal Status of Foreigners and Stateless Persons", "On Foreign Ukrainians",  Decrees of the President of Ukraine on March 25, 1994 № 112 "On Measures of Economic Cooperation of  Ukraine’s Regions with Adjacent Border Regions of the Russian Federation " and on June 3, 1994 № 271" On Measures to Develop Economic Cooperation of Ukraine’s Regions with Neighboring Regions of Belarus and Administrative and Territorial Units of the Republic of Moldova ", the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on February 26, 1993 № 136 "On Training of Foreign Citizens in Ukraine", on September 11, 2013 № 684 "Some Issues for Teaching Foreigners and Stateless Persons", the Ministry of education and Science of Ukraine from November 1, 2013 № 1541 "Some Issues of Enrollment and Training (Internship) Foreigners and Stateless Persons " registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on November 25, 2013, № 2004/24536. Foreign applicants, financed by state scholarships under international agreements, general government programs, other international obligations of Ukraine, shall be enrolled at Lutsk National Technical University on the basis of recommendation of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine within the established admission quotas.

17.2. Foreign Ukrainian, recommended for studying by Ukrainian national and cultural societies, have the same rights to education as citizens of Ukraine, with the exceptions established by the Constitution of Ukraine, Laws of Ukraine or international treaties, ratified by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

17.3. Foreigners and stateless persons may obtain higher education at the expense of individuals and legal entities, unless otherwise stipulated by international treaties agreed to be binding by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, laws or agreements between universities on international academic mobility.

17.4. Foreigners who have obtained their General Certificate for Comprehensive Secondary Education at schools abroad with the Ukrainian language and Ukrainian citizens abroad, whose status is confirmed by the Certificate of Foreign Ukrainian, shall be enrolled at Lutsk NTU within the determined admission quotas following the interview on subjects specified in the Rules of Admission, upon the recommendations of diplomatic institutions of Ukraine abroad and national Ukrainian cultural societies (if any).

17.5. Foreigners, coming to study with the aim of obtaining a degree (educational qualification), shall be enrolled at Lutsk National Technical University no later than November 15 under orders of enrollment verified in a single database.

17.6. Time of the interview and the dates for admission of the foreigners and stateless persons who arrived in Ukraine with the aim of studying and applying to Lutsk National Technical University under the quotas determined by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine or applying on the basis of contracts concluded between Lutsk National Technical University and individuals and legal entities shall be determined by the admission office.

17.7 For the enrollment at the University the foreigner should submit the following documents:

1) application form;

2) original and copy of the documents about previous education;

3) the original official academic transcript, and a translation of the transcript into Ukrainian, visibly certified by either a professional translator, the issuing body of the original transcript or an authorized notary.

4) copy of the birth certificate

5) a medical certificate, verified by the official healthcare institution in the country of student’s origin and issued no less than two months prior to the departure to Ukraine, providing information about the state of health of the student;

6) copy of Passport or any other identity document;

7) current health insurance policy number (excluding foreigners from the countries having reciprocal healthcare agreements with Ukraine)

8) 4 photos (60x40 mm)

9) copy of the document of Foreign Ukrainian (if obtained)