Preparatory Department for Foreigners

Training of foreign students for university

Preparatory Department for Foreigners

Preparatory Department is a unit of Lutsk National Technical University and trains foreigners who have completed secondary education, for admission to higher education.

The main purpose of the training at Preparatory Department for foreigners is to study the Ukrainian language sufficient for communication, reading and to study Ukrainian terminology. Preparatory courses are an additional year spent in our university, familiarity with its glorious history and traditions, dialogue with leading scientists and teachers enriches you with invaluable experience and help you to further adapt to the demands of university faculties.

After successful completion of the preparatory department you will receive a state certificate, which gives the right to enter Lutsk NTU, as well as any institution of higher education in Ukraine.

Lutsk National Technical University announces enrollment for courses in the academic year 2015-2016 under License of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine: Series AE №527908 from 07.01.2015.

Education process

- A set of courses in Lutsk NTU is within the approved limits of the license.

- Training is full-time training.

- Training period is 1 year.

- Classes start: following completion of educational groups.

- To work on training courses leading teachers of the university are involved.

- Methodical and software programs at the training courses allow students to get knowledge of basic subjects to the requirements of university programs.

- Training is conducted in Ukrainian and Russian.

- The cost of training at the preparatory courses for foreign citizens is $ 1,000 for one year of study, payment at the official NBU rate at the time of the transaction.


If you decided  to study at the preparatory department of the University you must scan and send on our e-mail:

- an application form.

- A copy of your document on education with a list of items and assessments;

- A copy of your national passport

These documents must be translated into Ukrainian and notarized by a notary public

Getting these documents will allow us to begin registration of  your documents for entry into Ukraine, namely invitation to study at the university to enter the territory of Ukraine.

Register for courses can be done personally at:

            t. Lutsk, st. Lvivska, 75, Building A, Room 220.

Telephone: (0332) 74-61-50

Or fill out the online application and we will contact you.

The application of a foreign citizen who is sent to study at LNTU

1. Name

2. Country

3. Nationality

4. Citizenship

5. The date, year and place of birth

6. Home Address

7. Education (specify the name of the institution)

8. What language own

9. What specialty You want to get  in Ukraine

10. Telephone, E-mail

Parkhomenko O.