Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies Department



Head of postgraduate and doctoral studies department

Demydiuk  Mykola  Anatoliyovych


Specialist of postgraduate and doctoral studies department

Polishchuk Larysa Mykolaiivna


List of specialties




          The postgraduate studies program was  opened  in 1991, doctoral studies program - in 2003.

Post-graduate and doctoral studies are the  form of training of scientific-pedagogical and scientific personnel of the highest qualification.

Serious attention  is  paid to the training of scientific and pedagogical staff of higher qualification through the post-graduate and doctoral studies at Lutsk National Technical University (Lutsk NTU). Indeed, the presence of high scientific potential of the professorial teaching  staff  influences  the level of training of specialists – masters  who are the future of an independent, powerful country - a country   which  invests in science.

Today, through the post-graduate course of the University, the training of specialists of higher qualification in 21 scientific specialities is carried out, through doctoral studies  there are  6 scientific specialities.

The responsibilities of planning, organizing and controlling the training of scientific and pedagogical staff of higher qualification at the University are assigned to the Department of Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies. Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies Department is a scientific division of Lutsk National Technical University and it  reports to the  Vice-Rector for scientific and pedagogical work.

The Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies Department is guided by the Regulations on the Training of Scientific - Pedagogical and Scientific Personnel, the Law on Higher Education, the Orders of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Orders of the Rector of  Lutsk NTU, the Statute of the University, the Regulations on the Postgraduate and Doctoral Department  of Lutsk NTU.



1. Planning, organization and control of training of scientific and pedagogical personnel through post-graduate and doctoral studies at the University.

2. Conducting accounting and analysis of statistical indicators for the training of scientific and pedagogical personnel.

3. Development of proposals for improving the efficiency of training scientific and pedagogical staff.

4. Ensurement of  documentation  and storage of information in accordance with the legislation on the protection of personal data.


-  is engaged in the preparation of accounting, statistical, reporting documentation on the functional activities of the department.

- formulates  the  plan for a postgraduate and post-doctoral degree program under public order.

- organizes the conclusion of contracts on paid training in post-graduate and doctoral studies of Ukrainian  and foreign citizens.  

- plans, organizes and controls the postgraduate and doctoral students' educational process.

- organizes and carries out advisory, as well as educational work with scientific and pedagogical personnel.

- completes the composition of the commissions for the compilation of entrance and candidate examinations, analyzes their activities and monitors the observance of the established requirements.

- supervises the general certification of postgraduate students and doctoral students.

- conducts  record and analysis of the success of postgraduate students and doctoral students based on the results of attestation and protection.

       Persons with higher education and qualifications of a Specialist’s Degree or a Master’s Degree are accepted for the postgraduate study on a competitive basis.

       The term of study in postgraduate program  with a break  from  the production is 3 years, and without leaving the production - 4 years; stay in the doctoral program for 3 years.


The decision to admit to the entrance examinations  of  the postgraduate studies is made by the admission commission on the results of the interview, review of the abstract and submitted scientific papers, taking into account the written conclusion of the prospective scientific supervisor, which is reported to the graduate student in a week's time.

Applicants to postgraduate studies pass entrance examinations during October for a speciality (in the amount of a curriculum for a specialist or master who corresponds to their chosen speciality), in philosophy, a foreign language (English, German, French) in the amount of curriculum for higher education institutions of IV level accreditation

On a budget basis, the citizens of Ukraine under the age of 50 (according to the relevant agreement with the Rector of the University) are enrolled in the postgraduate study program (with a break from the production) and the correspondence form (without leaving the production), if there is a  diploma about full higher education (Specialist, Master), as a rule, without satisfactory grades.

Representatives of third parties are enrolled in the postgraduate studies program on a contractual (paid) basis.

The results of the entrance exams for the postgraduate studies are valid during the calendar year.

Applicants who, at the time of admission to the postgraduate studies, have completed all or several candidate examinations, are exempted from the relevant entrance exams to the postgraduate studies and are enrolled in the assessment of candidate examinations.

Persons who are admitted to the entrance exams to graduate school with or without separation from production, for the preparation of entrance examinations at the place of work, is granted an additional paid vacation for 30 calendar days. Individuals entering the postgraduate studies with one or more compulsory candidate exams use an additional paid leave to complete the remaining exams. Persons who have completed all candidate exams do not have the right for additional leave during  the preparation for entrance exams to the postgraduate studies at the place of work.


You can not include into the leave  time from the place of work of the admission to the postgraduate studies  to the place of the higher educational establishment, the scientific institution and back. The cost of travel and accommodation is incoming. A document certifying the right of an admission to the postgraduate studies for an additional paid vacation is a notice  from the admission committee signed by the head of the higher educational institution, the scientific institution about the admission to the entrance exams.

Taking into account  the results of entrance exams to the postgraduate studies, the admission committee decides on each admission.

In the case of obtaining the same grades, the pre-emptive right for admission to the postgraduate study is the entrance examinations recommended for admission to the postgraduate studies by the Academic Council of the higher educational establishment,a scientific institution that successfully completed the magistracy and completed all or several candidate examinations.

Admission to the postgraduate studies  is conducted on the order of the head of the higher educational institution.

The heads of enterprises, institutions and organizations are obliged to dismiss from the work  the  persons enrolled in postgraduate studies program with a break from production, necessary for the timely arrival of the term. The reason for dismissal is a copy of the order to enroll a person  for the postgraduate studies program.

Persons enrolled in on a state order to a postgraduate studies with a separation from production, the scholarship is appointed from the date of their enrollment, but not earlier than the term of dismissal from the previous place of employment.