Publishing department

                     Publishing Department  


The Publishing Department  is a structural subdivision of Lutsk NTU.  

The main activities of the information and publishing department are defined in the Regulations on the Publishing Department of Lutsk NTU, in particular:


1. Promotion of the University's positive image, dissemination of the experience of its structural subdivisions, informing the public and authorities about the University's activities, information support for the main activities carried out on the basis of the University.

2. Ensuring the publishing and printing activities of the University in order to increase University ratings, intellectual and informational potential of students and graduate students, development of national culture, economics, science, technology and education.


                 Information activities:

Informing the general public about Lutsk  NTU  activities through:

-preparation and placement of operational, current and background information on the University's website;

-use of opportunities of modern PR-technologies in the mass media;

- establishing friendly and business relations with media journalists;

- advertising products displaying the activities of the University;


                Publishing activities:

-production of educational-methodical literature;

- updating of educational and scientific literature;

-assignment of the International Standard Book Number ISBN;

- launch of finished printing products into the world;

-provision of the internal needs of the University in printed materials;

- publication of scientific journals.


               Paid services:

-correction and editing of texts;

- publication of educational, scientific and educational-methodical literature;

-print (black and white and colored);


-double-sided laminating;

-sticking of book blocks;

-laboratory work;

-connection of book blocks with metal brackets;

-connection of printing products with plastic springs;

-prints from electronic media.


             Contact Information:


Phone: +380332746102