Required Documents

Entrants take the followings entrance examinations:

• in speciality "Design" creative competitions in composition (key subject, 50 marks maximum), in drawing (50 markmaximum), painting (50 marks maximum), and also writing test in Ukrainian and Ukrainian literature (30 marks maximum);

• in speciality «Commodity Science and Customs Examination» and «Ecology and Environmen-tal Engineering» writing test in mathematics (key subject, 90 markmaximum), chemistry (60 marks maximum), Ukrainian and Ukrainian literature (30 marks maximum);

• in all other specialities the written tests are conducted in mathematics (profiling, 90 marks maximally), physics (60 marks maximally), Ukrainian language and literature (30 marks maximally).

Documents are accepted daily (except Sunday, Monday) from 10 00 to 18 00, on Saturday from 9 00 to 14 00 from June, 16 to July, 15.

Payment for students training over a government order within the limits of the licensed volume of admittance (on the terms of contract with physical and legal persons) is perfprmed in the following amounts:

To the application is added:

• school-leaving certificate (original form or certified copy);

• Health Certificate form 086/У (original or certified copy);

• 6 (six) photos 3?4 sm

• Certificates of Ukrainian evaluation centre of quality of education got in the current year.

All the copies must be certified by the university personnel department or by a notarys office.

Passport (ones who don’t have passport due to their age can present a birth certificate), army registration card (or proof of registration with the local draft board), the original of school certificate, the original of a certificate (certificates) of Ukrainian Center of Estimation of Education Quality and the original of medical certificate (form 086/У) must be shown by the applicant personally, if he/she submits the copies of the above enumerated documents.

In terms, determined for documents submission, the applicant may submit other documents, if he/she aspires privileges, determined by Ukrainian legislation, or caused by some conditioned regulations for entering certain training directions (specialities), determined by normative legal actions.

During five days after passing the entrance examinations and announcing the list of applicants recommended for state funded studying, entrants who take part in the competition to be enrolled to several higher educational establishments or to several training fields (specialities) of LNTU must submit the originals of a school certificate, certificates of Ukrainian Center of Estimation of Education Quality and the original of medical certificate (if copies were submitted) to the LNTU Entrance Committee.

The submitted originals are kept in LNTU personnel department during the whole term of training.