Scientific and Scientific-Technical Activities of Lutsk NTU

Scientific and scientific-technical activities of Lutsk NTU

      Scientific and scientific-technical activity of Lutsk NTU is carried out in accordance with the laws of Ukraine " Higher Education", " Scientific and Scientific-Technical Activities", the Charter of the University.

The scientific activity of the University is characterized by an orientation towards solving the actual economic problems of the country and the region, developing new technologies and solving regional energy conservation issues, preserving the environment, accumulation of intellectual potential, introduction of scientific developments in production and educational process. The main tasks of the organization of scientific activity are:

• ensuring the development of science and production, the impact of scientific activities on the tasks of education and education, preservation and strengthening of the decisive nature of science in the development of society, economy and culture;

• directing fundamental and applied research work to address the urgent scientific and technical problems of the region, economy of Ukraine, bringing them in line with European standards of scientific and methodological support;

• cooperation with NAS institutions and industry academies;

• development of international scientific and technical cooperation;

• preparation of young scientists for scientific schools - Masters, Candidates and Doctors of Sciences;

• popularization of scientific achievements of the University through participation in conferences, exhibitions, competitions, publications in scientific journals;

• strengthening of innovation activity for the creation of science-intensive scientific and technical products, competitive models of new equipment and materials;

• activity on protection of intellectual property rights as the basis for the strengthening and development of science;

 Lutsk National Technical University employs 5 specialized academic councils with the right to admit for consideration and defence of theses for obtaining the degree of  candidate and doctor of sciences.

In 2017, 9 dissertations were defended for the Degree of Candidate of Sciences, 32 monographs, 30 textbooks and textbooks were published, 28 security documents for inventions and useful models were received, 25 applications for patents and  inventions were filed and submitted to the State Department of Intellectual Property of Ukraine, and 25 useful models, 42 scientific and scientific -technical events were held.

Lutsk NTU publishes 6 collections of scientific articles and 4 scientific journals which are included in the list of scientific professional editions of Ukraine.

As of November 1, 2018 Lutsk National Technical University according to the Scopus rating has  h-index - 9, 333 publications, 324 citations (for 2017 - 64 citations).

Lutsk NTU became one of the 68 higher educational establishments and institutions of Ukraine that received access to the Scopus science-research database ( in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Education and Science № 1286 dated 19.09.2017.


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