Students' Leisure Activities

            Department on educational work with students

      In 2000   Lutsk State Technical University created the Center for Culture and Arts, which was reorganized into the Department of Culture and Arts of Lutsk National Technical University afterwards. Today it is called "Department on educational work with students".

      Management of the Department:

The curator of the department – Talah  Valentyn Ivanovych, Vice-rector of  LNTU

The artistic director of the department -  Gertsyk Sergii  Mykhailovych

The organizer of entertainment  -  Shnaidiuk   Larysa Grygorivna

The  specialist on educational work with  students - Bondar Olexandr Mykytovych

       The main objective of the department  is to form the spiritual needs of students, to preserve and develop national cultural traditions, to create conditions for the growth of  students’ creative potential, students' artistic abilities, and  the  implementation  of everyone's  needs  for their creative endeavors.


Students clubs:

                                        • Folk ensemble "Namysto"

  The artistic director - Kovalchuk Mariia Mykolaiivna

  tel. 099 754 33 43

  Room 35


  Monday: 11.00

  Wednesday: 15.00

  Thursday: 16.30


The folk ensemble "Namysto" was created in 2008 on the basis of the Department of Culture and Arts in Lutsk National Technical University in order to study, popularize and preserve folklore, folk customs, rites of  Volyn region. In 2011  the staff of the ensemble  got

the honorary title "People's Amateur Team"  from  Presidium of the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine.  

Participants of the ensemble are students of our University. The founder and artistic director is Maria Kovalchuk.

The program of the band  consists of ceremonial, household, humorous and folk songs in modern treatment. The loud, smooth singing and original and diverse costumes give an unforgettable impression not only to true fans of Ukrainian folklore, but also to people who could only hear such songs in the performance of their grandmothers.

On the basis of the folk material, "Namysto"  prepares  such concert programs as "Congratulations on the New Year and Merry Christmas!" (Including the "Goal Driving" ceremony), "Spring songs", "Let's make round dances", "Kupala on Ivan", and also the "Orchestra on the field" and other traditional vintage programs.

During these years the band was a participant of almost all events, concerts, solemn events that took place in Lutsk National Technical University, but also outside of it. "Namysto" is a participant of regional and city competitions, festivals.

                                         • Club of poetry lovers

 Artistic director  - Tetiana  Yuhymivna  Kholkovska

 tel. 095 42 32 846

 Room 257а


 Monday: 12.00

 Wednesday: 15.00

 Friday: 15.30


Since 2006  the theater studio of Lutsk National Technical University has been headed by Tetiana  Holkovska, an actress of  Volyn Academic Regional Ukrainian  Taras Shevchenko  Music and Drama Theater. Over 100 students   and  University  staff attended the event.

In its works the studio addresses  the classics of world literature, drama, poetry: Taras Shevchenko, Lesya Ukrainka, Mykola Gogol, Mykhailo Starytskyi, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, and  the works of contemporary authors: Vasyl Stus, Vasyl Symonenko, Lina Kostenko, Felix Krivin, Iryna Zhylenko, Mykola Vingranovskyi, Pavlo Glazovyi, Volodymyr Vakulich. The well-known Volynians did not miss out: Ivan Chernetskyi, Vasyl Gei, Liubov Milevych, Valentyna Shtynko, as well as the creativity of our students and employees.

Having created the "Poetry Lovers Club", the theatrical studio expanded its activities. The participants of the "Club" are laureates of all-Ukrainian, region, city and University poetry contests.

In particular, the literary and artistic composition "Your Earth" became the laureate of the international competition "Golden Autumn" in Kyiv.

It  was a good tradition to recite  poetry not only in Ukrainian but also in German, as a testimony to our dear respect for our regular guests from Germany.

No holidays, concerts or scientific conferences go without the leading theater studio. Students often help University staff to write scripts, pick up material for reciting, costumes, and more.

Both general and individual classes are conducted, where students and any of the University staff can get knowledge of the basics of acting, stage design, and ethics of conduct on the stage.

All of our enthusiasts can enter our artistic family. The main thing is to love theater, artistic word and intellectual communication.

                                    • School   of  fighting  gopak

 The director -  Roman Kovalchuk

Roman Kovalchuk  is  the leader and coach of the  School of Fighting Gopak  Hertz.

There are such types of battle as "Zabava" (contactless battle, where the main priority is the implementation of technical elements on the level of  excellence), and "Bornia" (contact battle in protective equipment).

          In the Fighting Gopak there are seven levels of skills: Zhovtiak, Falcon, Hawk, Dzhura, Kozak, Characternyk, Volkhv.

          In order to take part in the regional Battle Hopak competitions, it is necessary to pass  the exam on technical elements of  some levels of excellence.

                                            • Club  of   pop  vocal

 Artistic director -  Gertsyk Sergii   Mykhailovych

 tel. 050 100 32 46

 Room 37


 Tuesday: 15.00

 Thursday: 15.00

  Friday: 16.00

In Lutsk NTU there is  a club  of pop vocal which operates  on a regular basis. The musical director of the club  is Sergii  Hertsyk. The team consists of 1-5 year students. Everyone can become a part of it. When enrolling in the club everyone  is  checked for musical ear, voice, rhythm, musical memory.

 Pop art belongs to the section of the most popular and accessible. The performances of soloists and show bands, which demonstrate the synthesis of vocal and choreographic art, are of particular interest to the young audience. For the aesthetic education of club members, the expansion of their outlook, the music director organizes meetings with composers, professional musicians and performers. The participants of the club attend concerts, participate in various festivals and contests.

 During the work of the club of pop vocal, hundreds of students study and graduate from it, and most of them became winners and laureates of international, all-Ukrainian, regional competitions and festivals of pop art.

Occupation schedule: mastering of the program is not scheduled for a certain period. Practice shows that it is optimal to have one individual and one group lesson per week. Individual rehearsals are aimed at solving creative tasks that arise in the process of working on a repertoire.

 The work of the club  includes participation in the concert activity of  Lutsk NTU, municipal events, city and regional competitions and festivals. 

                                            • Guitar club "Struny dushi"

 Artistic director - Ivan Vorobei

• Dance ensemble

 Artistic director-  Kutsyk   Yurii   Pavlovych

 tel. 095 86 22 237

 Room № 37


 Wednesday: 15.00

 Friday: 15.00

                                                 • Youth theater studio

 Artistic director - Felistovych Sergii  Mykhailovych

 tel. 066 11 88 095


 Friday: 16.00-17.30

                                     • Volunteer movement "Do Good Things"

 The Director -  Shnaidiuk Larysa Grygorivna

 tel. 066 031 67 07


 Thursday: 12.50

Volunteer Movement "Good Things" has been working at the University since 2005.

         The department  coordinates the work of the volunteer movement (today, the head of the movement  is Shnaidiuk Larysa Grygorivna). The charitable activity involves not only students, but also teachers and employees of the University.

         Charitable actions, carried out  by the volunteer movement, are aimed at raising  funds, toys, stationery, gifts for orphans, children with disabilities, help in the treatment of sick children, and others. For many years, volunteers from the  department have been attending special kindergartens in Lutsk and in the region.

The charitable work of volunteers is not limited to working with children. It has been a good tradition to visit the residents of the geriatric boarding house, where there are elderly people and people with disabilities.

          The patients  of Volyn Youth Center for Children with Disabilities "The Source of Life", are looking forward to festive concerts, game programs and presents   from volunteers.

          Volunteers take part in many charity events "Brighten your star of good", "Heart to heart", " Saint Nicholas will not forget you", "Parcel to the front" and others.


         The  work of the department  covers  a  wide range of activities:  from work in amateur clubs to the implementation  of the latest concepts and technologies into  cultural life of the University.

    Employees of the department   launched  a lot of events along with the events that have become traditional for the University - dedication to students, concerts for the Day of Educational Workers, International Student Day:

- University competition "Source of inspiration"  to  the   International  Day of Poetry;

- Children's Art Festival "Golden Keys" to the international   Children's Day;

- The film festival "From the life of the student" to the Student's Day;

- Competition of folk art "Mother’s  embroidery shirt";

- Festival of patriotic song and poetry "We are Ukraine".